Neal Rodriguez
Western Springs, United States
16. January 2022
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Admire the beauty of our Ball and Green Tree Pythons. I also have an interest in aquatics. Any questions about what’s for sale, send us a message.

Seller Policy

We accept payment through PayPal or Zelle if you have other forms of payment we can discuss it. 

I will hold an animal for 48 hours without payment after that it will be on sale again. $100 non-refundable deposits are accepted and will give you a 2 month window to pay for your animal. 

Our animals will be healthy, well fed, sexed correctly and accurately represented. 

You will pay all the shipping costs which will vary depending on your state and animal order size. To receive a more accurate quote send an inquiry or call/ text me. I will ship to a hub or your doorstep. Buyer must contact me about a specific day he/she will want it shipped. Shipping days will most likely only be on Tuesdays and  Wednesdays to receive your animal on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please double check the address you want that animal shipped to. PLEASE BE PRESENT TO RECIEVE YOUR ANIMAL AND DO NOT LET IT WAIT TO LONG FOR IT TO BE IN YOUR HANDS. 

100% live arrival is only valid if you pick it up at a hub within one hour of it being shipped. No refund is acknowledged for door deliveries. If your animal arrives dead you must take several photos of the animal next to a ship center worker or inside the ship center within one hour of receiving the animal for the refund. If you happen to have a dead animal and it fits the refund criteria you will be reimbursed with store credit.

Thank you for your interest and hopefully for your business and we will work together to make things work out for the best interest of buyer and seller.

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