Once you sell an animal and click the "Mark as Sold" button you will then see a page with different options to select from.


If you have a specific quantity of the animal, click the "Manage stock" checkbox. If you select "0" then the animal status will be changed to "Sold" anything over 0 (zero) will keep the animal up for sell.

Who bought the animal?

Here you have the option to choose who ended up buying the animal. Again, there are a couple of options to choose from. If you talked with any users about the listing (via messages) on Reptify, their name should pop up. If not you will have the option to select another Reptify user or just write the suser is was sold .

If you select a Reptify user in this process, you will get the option to choose if the animals should be transfered to the new owner's account. The user/buyer will get a copy of the animal with images and logs for their records.

Final price?

If the final sell price was different than the price listed, please type it in this field. If not, do nothing and we will mark the listing price as the final sell price.