Hognose Snake Personality and Characteristics

The hognose snake is known for its personality and various unique characteristics that are rarely found in pet snakes. These little fakers are known to play dead when threatened and then magically spring back to life once the threat has passed. This adorable behavior makes them an interesting pet choice.

They can also flatten the skin around their necks and are known to raise up to mimic a cobra. This behavior in cobras is known as hooding up and is quite the spectacle. They have also earned many nicknames including: puff adder, blowing adder, and flat head for the ability to hiss when displaying this behavior.

Hognose come in a variety of colors based on locality. They can contain reds, oranges, greens, browns and more in their coloring. They are also found with solid colors as well as blotched marketing. Having such a varied availability has allowed hognose breeders to create some really amazing morph combinations.

Their most noticeable characteristic is their cute upturned snout. Hognose use this upturned snout in a side to side sweeping motion to dig in soil. Some species are known to use their snout to dig up lizard eggs for consumption. That being said, the hognose diet consists of rodents and lizards in most species.

Are these snakes venomous?

They do possess a mildly toxic venomous saliva. This saliva fails to meet the definition of venom as this rear fanged snakes' fangs to not possess the necessary grooves to deliver the venom. When shopping for a hognose snake for sale you should be aware of this and do further research to determine if this is the right animal for you.

How big is a baby hognose snake?

Let's discuss the two most popular baby hognose snakes in the pet trade. These are the Western hognose snake and Eastern hognose snake. The Western baby hognose snake will typically range from 5 to 9 inches while the Eastern baby hognose snake will range from 6.5 to 8 inches.

As adults the Western males will typically range 14-24 inches and the female 28-36 inches. The Eastern adult males normally range 17-24 inches and the females 26-28 inches. Like in many snake species the females tend to reach larger sizes than the males.

Keep these adult sizes in mind when deciding if this snake is the right choice for you. You will need to ensure you can provide the correct size enclosure whether it be a terrarium or part of a rack system.

Finding the Beautiful Hognose Snake for Sale

As there are currently at least 60 morphs available of these awesome little snakes. finding one should not be an issue. A simple Internet search will likely produce several breeders and sellers offering them. That being said, you will be able to find the specific hognose snake for sale you are looking for with ease at Reptify.

We offer several filtering options to aid in getting the specific gene combo or morph that you want. You will be able to also see if the breeder or seller is verified. Couple the ease of searching and this verification and you can feel confident in your purchasing decision.