Nina Bolen
Tyler, United States
2. March 2022
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We are a small family owned business with over 30 years of experience working with reptiles & exotic animals.  We are breeders of a variety of king snake and corn snake morphs, pure locality sand boas and rosy boas, amphibians like fire bellied toads and dart frogs, designer morphs of ball pythons, woma pythons and carpet pythons. We breed for quality not quantity.

We offer feeder rodents both live and frozen along with feeder insects, and insects for bioactive setups. We also carry a number of specialty reptile supplies, including snake hooks, substrate, enclosures and more! 

Seller Policy

We guarantee the animals we sale to be healthy. We do not sell an animal that is not eating or sick.

With that said: We are not responsible for any delay in shipping, due to FedEx error, shipping errors (wrong address, etc) or inability to receive the shipment. Please contact us within 24 hours after receiving your shipment if there are any issues.

We are not responsible for improper care, husbandry issues or sickness that might occur once the animal leaves our care. Getting care tips offline or off of social media voids any guarantee. Unless it's a link we have provided. If you need care tips please contact us directly. We offer a 2 day (48 hours) health guarantee, on animals picked up in person, and the animal must have prober husbandry. You must provide us with photos showing your setup. If the animal becomes sick due to improper husbandry or setup (i.e. not providing heat) the guarantee is void. If the animal becomes sick in the first 2 days the animal must been seen by a proper reptile vet. You must provide proof of where the animal was seen by a vet and shows to be sick. We do not offer returns or refunds if you simply change your mind and no longer want the animal, or can no longer care for it. If for some reason you can no longer care for the animal, even years down the line we will happily take the animal back or help you to find it a home.

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