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28. December 2022
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We have been working with animals of all sorts since we purchased a skunk from DoctorX Pet shop in the Neshaminy Mall in the early 70's. Since then, my brothers and I have been bringing home animals for more than 40 years to enjoy and learn about with our own children.

We pride ourselves on working with healthy and happy reptiles. All of our animals are held and socialize to the extent that they can be in our care. We can not guarantee an animals temperament, but we can guarantee you will see a difference between our animals and others once in your care. We search out unique gene combinations in our ball pythons and quality color in our Uromastyx but HEALTH is our primary concern!

Give us a look or contact direct and we will chat it up for a minute or two. Thank you for giving our family an opportunity to provide you with a dream animal, pet or foundation stock to start your collection!

Seller Policy

A Ball Python, Uromastyx or other Bustin Ballz Pythons creation animal is NOT considered sold until FULL payment is received. A non-refundable, 25% deposit will hold any animal for 30 days. Payment plans are available on a case by case basis and must be agreed to beforehand. All AMERICAN DOLLARS($) paid(including but not limited to the deposit and payments) are non-refundable. Payments maybe transferable from one animal to another under extreme and extenuating circumstances determined by seller.

We ship Tuesday and Wednesday with some exceptions for Thursday where applicable and available for shipping. The safe arrival of our animals into YOUR Care is our most important concern. WE LOVE EVERY ANIMAL! We take great pride in breeding them and do not want to lose any along the way.

Live arrival is guaranteed with overnight low temps above 40 degrees and daytime highs below 90 degrees on both ends. If your weather falls outside of this range, we are happy to hold your purchases until a safe day for shipping arrives. No refunds will be given for weather delays. Package must be signed for within 1 hour arrival time at the FedEx Hub or OUR guarantee is void. Any issues must be reported within 30 minutes of package being signed for including pictures of box condition as well as animals for identification.

We feed our hatchlings/subadults and breeder Ball Pythons a variety of live rodents depending on what they are inclined to eat. We breed our own Norwegian rats, ASF pygmy rats and mice for our animals. We do our best to transition our Ball Pythons to frozen thawed or freshly euthanized rodents, but in some instances our snakes will prefer live in any one of these varieties of rodents. We include feeding habits in our Snakes descriptions in most instances. Please ask if you have a question about feeding your new Ball Python.

Animals are guaranteed to be properly sexed before leaving our care and in the listing. Sex must be verified within 7 days of delivery by the buyer. Due to the ever increasing complexity of Ball Python combos, we can not 100% guarantee accuracy of incomplete dominant (co-dom) genes in our animals. We can however guarantee Recessive genetics (homozygous & heterozygous). We list the pairing that produced the animal in every ad. Even with 10 years experience with these genes it can be difficult to properly identify and every attempt to make a sale 'right' will be made in the case of an error as determined by the seller. You may be familiar with the term 'proven'. The only failsafe way to determine genetics is to breed the animal and prove the genetics. Please take note of the adult parent pairing. Your purchase is the final say on agreement of the genetics.

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