Olivia Hamel
Manchester, United States
25. May 2024
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I got into owning leopard geckos and cornsnakes at age 16. Since then, I have learned a lot, but one that has not changed is my dream of one day breeding reptiles on a small scale. Thus, Citrus Extreme Geckos was born, a very unofficial 'company'. It's just what I like to call my beloved little project. I breed tangerine carrot tail leopard geckos, and I plan to add more morphs to my collection. We are located in Southern New Hampshire, and open to pick-up at a public location. We also ship nationwide via FedEx Priority Overnight (with the help of reptile shipping companies like Reptiles2You). If you are outside the United States, contact me. Our first breeder, Citrus, has been with us a while and was one of our first leopard geckos. She is a beautiful hypo tangerine with a friendly disposition. This breeding project is named after her, and for the goal we have in amplifying the orange colors over time. 


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Seller Policy


  • Payment Method - I take payment via Zelle or PayPal Friends And Family. This is because I am not willing to risk someone doing a chargeback and keeping a gecko for free (literally stolen); it happens a lot.


  • Live Arrival Guarantee - If your reptile shows up with health issues or is dead upon arrival, you will need to provide photo evidence of this within 1 hour of delivery. In that case, I will work with you the best that I can in order to make sure you are satisfied.
  • When Will I Ship? - I will ship within the domestic United States ONLY on Mondays and Tuesdays, to be safe in case of delays.
  • Delivery Confirmation - Before I ship out a reptile, I will need to confirm with you that you (or someone else in your household) will be present to receive said reptile.


  • Freezing/Tossing/Feeding Eggs - If you plan to ever breed a gecko you get from us, you are agreeing and promising that you will not ever freeze/toss/bin or otherwise dispose of any eggs laid by the gecko(s) if female, and/or produced by the gecko(s) if male.. You will not feed the eggs to any pet or animal. We do not condone or support egg tossing/freezing/feeding. We wholly stand by the statement "take care of the life you created". You are agreeing to incubate and hatch out every egg that is laid by the gecko(s), and to find them all homes, to the best of your ability. If this makes you uncomfortable, please do not make this purchase. By purchasing from us, you are agreeing to these terms.
  • You agree to take care of the gecko(s) you buy from us all the days of its life. If you cannot take care of it anymore, you are welcome to send it back to us (please contact us so that we can work something out). You may also sell them to anyone, but I humbly request you send them back to us (it is not required, however); we would pay shipping, as well as $50 to you to make it worth it, if you want. We love our geckos, even if they no longer belong to us, so we’re happy to always provide a safe place to send them back to if things don’t go according to plan for you in your life.

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