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Orange Park, FL, United States
21. October 2021
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We are a small scale Ball Python Breeder. Our main focus is health and quality of our animals, as well as Customer Service. We breed our own asf and fancy rats so we know exactly what is going into our snakes. We strive for the best! USARK Silver Member.  If you have any question or concerns feel free to contact us at any time! (850) 305-1447

Seller Policy

We accept PayPal (3.5% fees covered by buyer), all major credit cards, Cash, etc. (PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo) fees added to Goods & Services and Invoices sent. 

We ship FedEx Overnight for all of our animals. The day of shipping will depend on the schedule of the buyer and the weather. We drop off all packages at our local FedEx hub to avoid them sitting on a truck all day. Contact for shipping quote. DOA must be reported within 1 hour of delivery. 

Payment Plans: 
We offer payment plans with a 20% non-refundable deposit to hold the animal. The payment plan duration will depend on the price of the snake and the initial amount of the down payment. We are flexible and willing to work with you! Once the duration of the plan is up and the animals are not paid off, they will be relisted until paid off or sold. Store credit will be issued, deposit will be lost. 

Returns are not offered at this time. 

We guarantee snakes will arrive to you healthy and honestly represented to the best of our ability. Live arrival is only guaranteed to FedEx hub. We fully guarantee and back our recessive genetics. In the case of CoDom animals, we will do our best to identify them to the exact gene combo, but will let the customer know when there is some uncertainty remaining. Please be aware that due to increased project complexity, certain animals require an educated guess to identify and thus CoDom genetics cannot be 100% guaranteed.

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