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Imperial Reptiles & Exotics has quickly become one of Miami's most well known Reptile Speciality Stores. We are a resource for all reptile related questions and are here to help any way we can (even if the animal didn't come from us). We sell reptiles, feeders and supplies to our local clients. We also service the rest of the country via our website www.imperialreptiles.com where we sell a variety of quality Reptiles and some supplies.

Seller Policy

Live Arrival Guarantee
100% Live Arrival Guaranteed. We guarantee that our reptiles and amphibians will be alive and
healthy upon arrival.

Health Guarantee 
1. We guarantee the life of our captive bred (CB or CBB) animals for 3 days from time
of delivery. *Conditions below apply – You will be asked to email clear photos of the
set up including gauges displaying temperatures and humidity.
2. Please be aware of what you are purchasing, and do the proper research (If unsure
ask us, we are very happy to help!). Our guarantee is void if you do not have the
proper environment to house the animal in. For example, putting a bearded dragon in
a plastic kritter keeper is not appropriate set up. This includes temperature, bedding,
and proper lighting. *We have full discourse in determining whether or not an
enclosure meets the proper husbandry standards.
3. At Imperial Reptiles & Exotics, LLC we do our best to sex your animal using proper
techniques such as visual factors (sexually dimorphic species), popping, probing, or
palpating (all depending on the species and size of the animal) but we cannot
guarantee the sex on any animal.
4. Animals are guaranteed to be free of external parasites. Internal issues are not
included under our guarantee; it is an outward health guarantee only.

*Imported/Farm Raised Reptiles
All reptiles have a live and healthy arrival guarantee. We cannot provide a guarantee
after arrival.
If your shipment arrives deceased, is visibly unhealthy, is damaged in any way or if there is any
other issue with the order upon arrival, you, the customer must notify Imperial Reptiles of the
issue immediately upon receiving the shipment. The arrival time will be determined by the
tracking information FedEx provides online of the delivery. Please submit an order issue ticket
by emailing (info@imperialreptiles.com) a photo of the contents of the shipment within the
given amount of time after arrival or all guarantees are null and void.
Due to the sensitive nature of all Amphibians and some Reptiles, we must stress that
there are ZERO guarantees on ALL Amphibians and Reptiles are not captive bred.
Having an issue with a new pet you just received?
Please E-Mail (info@imperialreptiles.com) to summit an order issue ticket. A photo of the
contents of the shipment must be sent to the email above within the given amount of time after
arrival or all guarantees are null and void.
Animals that are Dead on Arrival (DOA) must be reported within 1 hour of delivery. Any other
issues must be reported within 4 hours of delivery. If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact us first (we are open 7 days a week). Photo evidence will be required for all claims.

Regular Shipping Days
We ship orders Monday-Thursday. Orders placed before 12pm EST may be eligible for
same day shipping if we have space on our shipping block. Orders placed after 12pm
are usually shipped the following day. Orders made after 12pm EST Thursday through
Sunday will be shipped on Monday. We monitor weather and flight patterns to
guarantee a safe arrival. We reserve the right to hold shipments at our discretion. All
shipments are weather and time permitting. If you need to change your arrival day,
email info@imperialreptiles.com so we can coordinate with you.
We cannot guarantee any shipment that has an address change or re-rout, make
sure you input the shipping address correctly.

 Safe Shipping Weather
We will only ship to your home or work when weather in route is 35-90 degrees
Fahrenheit. This temperature range is extended to 25-95 degrees Fahrenheit upon
arrival if you opt to have your live animals held for pickup at a main FedEx Shipping
Center. Animals must be picked up within 4 hours of arrival for live arrival guarantee to
Orders generally arrive by 12:00 PM
Typically the delivery time is before 12:00 PM (your local time) in most metro areas, but
some remote areas may not be guaranteed to arrive until "end of day", which is usually
late afternoon or early evening at the latest (4:30PM).
FedEx Drivers WILL NOT wait for you to come to the door.
Generally speaking, FedEx will quickly knock or ring the doorbell, and leave your
package near your front door. While this sometimes seems crazy to people who are
new to having reptiles shipped to them, but this is industry standard. We purposely do not require signature, as we do not want to risk having reptiles go back on a hot (or cold) truck for the rest of the day, in the event you don't make it to the door in time. This is for the safety of the reptiles. Although we don't require a signature for delivery, we
can still obtain GPS delivery coordinates and other information when needed, in order to
determine where a package was left and verify delivery.

Export Info:
Please contact us before placing your order.
If you do not have your own exporter, we can give you our recommendations.
If your country does not show up on our current export availability, please contact us so we may reach out to an exporter to arrange a possible shipment. 
We guarantee live arrival to your exporter.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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