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Lebanon, United States
14. December 2022
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Here at JC MORPHZ we focus on producing good and high quality Ball Pythons.

Seller Policy

How to Purchase:


I need your zipcode to give you a shipping quote. Once I give you a shipping quote I will then need the info as listed below:


First and last name, full address, phone number and email for shipping purposes.


Before payment can be made on Paypal F&F or Cashapp an invoice will be sent to the buyer. All messages from buyer and JC MORPHZ must be made through Morphmarket messaging.


Information listed must match the buyers info when paid through PayPal F&F , CashApp ONLY


After payment is made. JC MORPHZ will find the best day to ship the animal(s) due to weather, holidays, State of shipping or State of delivery emergency, national emergency and/or day of the week. Shipping is conductedMonday and Tuesday and Wednesday; no exception. Also, animals are to be shipped to your closest FedEx Hub that accepts live animals. Exceptions can only be made for specific reasons, but must be agreed upon by JC MORPHZ.




JC MORPHZ ships through FedEx overnight delivery licensed by RedlineShipping.com

 JC MORPHZ is not responsible for any mishandled or late deliveries by FedEx. Buyer will have to take up any issues with FedEx in this instance. We do honor live guarantee of animals shipped in temperatures from 30°F to 90°F. JC MORPHZ will check temperatures and weather before shipping. If buyer insists on shipping outside of these temperature parameters the buyer is responsible for any losses incurred due to climate or weather. Also, JC MORPHZ is not responsible for missed deliveries, because the buyer did not or was unable to secure the animal upon delivery. Please have your phone or emails ready on date of delivery, so that if JC MORPHZ notifies you that your package has been delivered, you can acquire your package and notify JC MORPHZ as to the results of the delivery.


Live Guarantee Policy:


Once the animal arrives the buyer has 1 hour to contact JC MORPHZ with any issues of animals arriving possibly sick or dead. If JC MORPHZ does not receive notification of animals being sick or dead within that 1 hour of delivery, JC MORPHZ will not honor the live guarantee delivery. Photos and videos will be requested of sick or dead animal. JC MORPHZ will not refund any animals that get sick or dies up to 24 hours if not notified within the 1 hour notification window once the animal has been delivered.

 JC MORPHZ can not guarantee life or health after delivery beyond 24 hours, because we have no way of monitoring husbandry of animals after they leave our facility.


If animal is shipped to your home or any other address outside a FedEx hub there will be no live arrival guarantee nor will there be an ontime arrival guarantee. Guarantees are for animals that are shipped to the local FedEx hub.




A 30% down payment would be required. I do not refund down payments if you change your mind. You will receive store credit and can transfer your payment to another animal listed on our Morphmarket store. Payment will need to be paid in full before the animal you selected will be shipped to you. Also, full payment needs to be received within 30 calendar days. If not I have the right to sell the animal you selected after the 30 days and deposit will not be refunded. Unless we make another agreement prior to the 30 days.

 Paypal F&F , CashApp ONLY no exception.

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