Michael Denman
Thurmont, United States
29. August 2023
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HartDen Reptile Family, a father, Mother, son and, daughter dedicated to the husbandry, keeping, and breeding of ball pythons and bearded dragons.

We support the local community by attending our local reptile expos in the tri state area time after time.

We are proud to say we will look forward to setting up our own booth at some of these events 2024! 

Seller Policy

Here with HartDenReptileFamily All animals will be honestly represented and 100% healthy at the time of delivery. Animals are guaranteed to be free of mites and ticks at the time of transaction. Every effort will be made to properly sex our animals, but please be sure to confirm the sex upon receipt. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the animal you receive, you must notify HartDenReptileFamily within 48 hours for a refund. The customer will be responsible for a return stocking fee costs of 25$ and Animals must be returned 100% healthy at the earliest possible date following the 48 hour mark.
The animal may be held in quarantine upon return for a few days to ensure it is healthy before refunding the cost of the animal if deemed necessary for such animal.

It is the customer’s responsibility to learn how to properly care for the animals they purchase. HartDenReptileFamily can not take responsibility for a person’s lack of knowledge or poor husbandry skills. HartDen Reptile Family determines customer lacks the proper experience or facilities to care for an animal, the transaction will be terminated.


Every heterozygous (het) gene carrier produced here at HartDen ReptileFamil is immediately photographed and assigned a unique ID code

ask about the "parent pair"

All prices are subject to change and HartDenReptileFamily should be contacted to confirm any listed price. As these animals mature and gain weight they also gain in value. Therefore, prices may be adjusted accordingly. HartDenReptileFamily will honor any price that was agreed upon during negotiations of sale. Package deals and discounts are available case by case. 

Sorry For the inconvenience, we are currently only offering local meet up for pick up. In Maryland, or at surrounding state lines for meet ups.
We also will deliver/meet (within 100 miles) for an extra charge the further such distance. No charge to deliver in or around Frederick county Maryland and surrounding areas. 
No Mail shipping available at this time. 

Due to the increase in online fraud, all checks and money orders will not be accepted. Only Cash, Zelle, or cash app transactions are accepted 

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