Elio Pommella
Napoli, Italy
21. January 2022
Verified profile since 24. January 2022
€ (Euro)
Pickup at shows Possible shows: Hamm, Houten, Verona Reptiles
Shipping within Italy

I have been a reptile and amphibian enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Over the years I become interested in various species , now i specialising myself, with “ball pythons” breeding.
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Seller Policy

Almost all the babies eat defrost mices, delivery is possible in Hamm, Houten, Florance, Rome, Milan, Naples , Verona and in major Italian cities and all Italian shows and some  Houten and Hamm  editions

*****To the best of my abilities, i guaranteed for sex and health, genetics too. Although some genes can get confused sometimes, with as many  of them can be stacked together, its almost impossible to achieve ids 100%, but i do my best.*******

-To confirm we aske a 30% deposit PayPal(******If you need to do the payment on Paypal "goods and services" we need to add the 3.4% on the total amount****) payments or bank transfer

-Delivery to Hamm and Houten is possible , the price is 50€ for one snake , discounted price if you buy more then one. ************** Due to Covid, the cost of delivering to Hamm and Houten will be higher in this period**********


-Delivery in other countries is possible with an authorised courier from Hamm , price needs to be discussed based on the country you need the delivery
***** For example  *****
 "Dutch Dragon Import"    for USA export (From Hamm to the USA), the price for one baby is 295$  for two is 395$ 

"Cold Blooded Movements" for UK export  (From Hamm to the UK) the price for one is 100£ for 2 is 150£