Joshua Heidelberg
Ozark, United States
17. January 2022
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I am a small time hobbyist that breeds out of curiosity and the joy of owning ball pythons. Check out my Facebook page Primal Creek Pythons to see everything that we have going on.

Seller Policy

~ All baby ball pythons will come with their ID card that has their ID number, hatch date, and clutch number. If you have questions about the pairing after purchase this ID number will help me look up that info. 

~Discounts available if multiple snakes purchased.

~Shipping policy: Shipping will be Priority Overnight shipping until the Pandemic is over. Afterwards the customer may choose to have Standard or Priority overnight shipping. Although Priority is recommended and is only a few dollars more than Standard. Will only ship if temps are above 40° and below 99°. No extra charges for holding till weather is more ideal for shipping. (Note: I will not ship outside these temp ranges even if you try to waive the DOA guarantee because these babies' safety is more important. ) Heat packs are not recommended for shipping when temps are over 70° so if you don't see one that's why. I always check the weather on the day I'm shipping to ensure the safest shipping methods possible. 

~Pick-up: If you are local or willing to drive to pickup just let me know and I can arrange to meet for pickup. I also go to expos in/ near Arkansas, West Tennessee, and Oklahoma city so you can also arrange for pickup at the next expo. No extra charge to hold for pickup. 

~Payments: Payments may be made through Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App.

~Guarantee: Ball Pythons are guaranteed to be healthy and sexed correctly. If there are any issues with either health or gender send proof within 48 hours of receiving snake. The morphs will be correct to my knowledge while any uncertainties will be noted on the sales ad. Feel free to ask about the parent's morphs or for pics of the parents. 

~Holding policy: A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for holding. Any snake not paid off within 2 weeks will require another 25% of asking price to continue holding for another 2 weeks. Max hold time of 6 weeks. Any forfeited deposits paid can be used to go toward the purchase of a different snake within 6 months of last deposit.

~DOA policy: DOA must be documented and proof sent to me within 1 hour of FedEx delivery time stamp. It is your responsibility to set up a delivery notification using your tracking number. During this Pandemic FedEx delivery personnel will not be checking to see if you are home and will knock quickly before running back to their truck. 

~All sales are final and credit will be issued for any DOA that qualify.