Billy Rice
Homerville, United States
15. September 2021
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Rice Reptiles is a family owned and operated company that specializes in captive breeding of cutting-edge ball python morphs. We supply high quality ball pythons to pet owners and breeders alike. We pride ourselves in making all of our customers happy and becoming repeat customers for many years to come.

Seller Policy

Payment Plans:
Offer on a case by case basis.
Typically with a 20% non refundable deposit and balance due within 60 days. We have a $300 minimum to offer a payment plan. Some animals may not be available for payment plans.

Shipping is 40.00 flat rate on all animals. Can be subject to our discretion in some cases.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, wires, money orders and certified checks.

Health Guarantee:
All animals are guaranteed for safe and healthy arrival.

Genetics Guarantee:
Because Of the increasingly complex projects we can’t 100% guarantee accuracy on CoDom genes in our animals. 100% guarantee on Recessive/Het genes. We also 100% guarantee correct gender. We will represent our animals with 100% honesty to the absolute best of our ability.

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