Cody Swift
New Bedford, United States
9. May 2022
$ (US Dollars)
Payment options
Credit Card, Debit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay, CashApp, Cashiers Check, Cash
Pickup at shows Possible shows: Manchester and Rhode Island
Shipping within United States Excluding: United States

Locally owned & operated exotic animal breeder , store and educator . Check us out on Facebook , Instagram , YouTube & morphmarket !

Seller Policy


2.    WE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO SHIP ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY !! Don’t worry this is for your benefit , at Swift Serpents we use one shipping service only and they help insure that your animal arrives alive , warm and on time !
3.    We offer two different shipping options both through the same service account ; Option 1(* RECOMMENDED* )- option 1 is the standard 24 hour priority live animal shipping, ONLY IF OPTION 1 IS CHOSEN FOR DO WE OFEER A LIVE GUARANTEE ! So again to reiterate if you choose option 1 for shipping we offer a live guarantee meaning we guarantee the animal arrives to you healthy and happy . If option 2 is chosen which is a 48 hour shipping option then NO LIVE GUARANTEE IS MADE!! NO EXCEPTION!



4.    Swift Serpents accepts; CASH, CASHAPP,  VENMO, APPLE PAY & NOW ACCEPTING CREDIT & DEBIT THROUGH SQUARE! We offer two different payment options as well the first being option A, option  A is  your standard pay in full and revive your animal. Option B is you can put a NON REFUNDABLE. $25.00 deposit on a animal , this deposit will ensure that we hold this animal at our facility for 14 days . After the first initial deposited 14 days you have the choice to add an additional NON REFUNDABLE deposit which will give you another 14 days or pay the remaining balance for the animal. There is a 2 deposit limit. This deposit ensures that we will not sell or even show the animal for your credited 14 days , feed & water the animal while it remains in our facility , any pictures or videos you request ( within reason ) & you are more than welcome to ask any questions or just check in on your animal during this time period! The first deposit will be deducted from the total price of the animal . If you requested the second deposit THAT $25 WILL NOT BE DEDUCTED FROM THE FINAL PRICE ! 
5.    NO PURCHASE OF ANY LIVE ANIMALS TO ANY PERSON(s) UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ! Unless accompanied by an adult and adult gives written consent .

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